Clinical Analyses

Laboratory exams are a series of exams and tests conducted upon a doctor's request. At our laboratory you may find the following services:

  • Clinical Analyses;
  • Haematological Analyses;
  • Coagulation study analyses;
  • Biochemical Analyses;
  • Urianalysis;
  • Microbiological Analyses 
  • Bacteriological Exams
  • Mycological Exams
  • Parasitological Exams 
  • Mycobacteriological Exams
  • Immunology Analyses
  • Immunoserology Analyses
  • Hormonology Analyses 
  • Tumour Marker Analyses
  • Breath Test for H. Pylori;
  • Women's Test Analyses 
  • Pre-Natal Diagnostic Analyses
  • Panorama Test;
  • Food Intolerance Studies.

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Extended Hours

We do blood sampling in the central laboratory throughout the opening hours - from 8.30 am to 19H00m.

Home Collections

If you can't come to the lab, we'll come to you.


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